Hi, I am Danuta aka 3point37
Whether you’re looking for help with print, digital, or both – I’m here to help you grow. I am most passionate about books and print design. I design digital content or logos, or work on brand identity as well, nevertheless, I greatly enjoy working on/with/through paper for the haptic qualities, the (con)texture, the complexity and simplicity combined. I am always delighted to hold a beautifully crafted product in my hands. 
My design adventure started over a decade ago at Studio Parabolica in Tokyo, under the guidance of Milky Isobe - a renowned Japanese art director. After a break I have come back to explore and expand, and to help you and your business grow through better design. 
Inspired by the Japanese aesthetics and the experience of living and working in Japan, in my work I strive for
empty space = 空白 
clarity & elegance
simplicity & subtlety.